Home Style Outlet is a dream come true for everyone who loves keeping their home fresh with stylish home-wares and furniture. We opened our doors in October of 2017 - The culmination of 30+ years experience in home, furniture and fashion retail - and the “premium home product, direct to consumer” concept was an instant hit.


We work directly with Australia’s leading wholesalers to source premium products directly from their source, from all over the world. It’s the efficiency in this ‘supply chain’ that is enabling us to provide such incredible value to customers.
We are often asked “How can you sell this amazing stuff so cheap?” and the answer is actually quite simple... We’ve made it OUR BUSINESS to FIND EFFICIENCY, that we can pass on to customers.


We love what we do, we love our product, and we love our customers. Drop in and say ‘hi’ and we’d be happy to build a furniture package, or source that extra special one-off item that will make your home pop!